CAYA Homeless Ministries is a nonprofit service for all those in need.

CAYA began as a small feeding program in Riverside in 2004.  We started with feeding a
single soul, and quickly grew to meals once a week and then to 4 times a week.  For many
years we served hundreds of hungry people. families and organizations every week-- growing
and expanding in every way possible.  We distributed boxed foods as well as home cooked
meals, along with clothing and blankets to those who needed it, ministered to those who
sought God, and provided countless referrals to help the needy.  Praise God for our past!
Our present finds CAYA providing meals, clothing, ministering and love to those on the streets.  
We do not, at present, have a place to call home and so we have taken to the streets and made
our community our home.  CAYA is truly living in those who need it!  We have met as a board
and are putting forth a plan of action to fundraise and build CAYA on a solid foundation focused
solely on doing God’s work.  

In order to grow to be what God has planned, CAYA is preparing to purchase a home!  With
God’s help and direction, this will be a safe, loving place for all to come to receive warm meals,
essential items such as clothing and toiletries, and a shoulder to lean on.  
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CAYA Homeless Ministries

Just one of the MANY people who have been affected by  homelessness.  Please keep
Warren in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season.  His story could be that of any of the
numerous others who live on the streets and will be without a warm bed this Christmas. Many
of you may have read about a shooting/stabbing at the River-bottom; his name is Warren.  He
is a Marine and is homeless.  His story is much the same as many of our Veterans living on
the streets.  He came home and was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He was
doing "okay" but then his son died and shortly after that, his father passed away.  These
losses sent him over the edge... he began using drugs and the downward spiral was rapid.  
His family got tired. They were spiritually, emotionally and financially exhausted.  When he was
released from the hospital, he had no where to go.  There are no funds to house anyone.  The
VA is full, the shelters are full.  So, here is this man that has served our Country; 2 surgeries
done, 2 more surgeries that have to be done and no clean place to lay his head and heal.  You
must know, that I called every agency available and all of them are really sorry but there is just
no room.  He needs to be safe from the people that shot and stabbed him.  His PTSD is
horrible so he cannot stay in certain places because of the overwhelming fear of the enemy.
He cannot go back to living in the River-bottoms. Infection, crime and safety are serious
issues. Please ask yourselves, "What would you do to help this man?"  "How many other
Warrens are there living out there?"  I was recently asked by a "Pillar of our Community,"  
"Ruth, when are you going to start working with REAL people?"  I can honestly tell you, Warren
is real.  So are the hundreds of others that I work with.  Each individual has their own story.  
Each PERSON has a heart that loves and breaks just like you. Each and every person matters.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Ruth Record